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Kayak Narak 460 rouge-biais

Built for expeditions made for you.

Our boats are manufactured to be paddled everywher

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canoe Umiak 475

Umiak Canoes

Foldings canoes with aluminum frames. Ply the waters effortlessly with lightweight and efficient crafts.

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Coracle 190-pivot

Coracle tenders

Classic folding tenders built with style and sturdyness in mind : built from ash wood and hypalon

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Since 1936, the folding kayak heritage.

Kayak Nautiraid sur la mer - couché de soleil

Boats built for a unique experience.

Jean Chauveau establish its brand in 1936, the first year kayak enters the Olympic program in Berlin.  As years go by, Nautiraid becomes an established reference and a very particlar boat : it’s very tough with the new hypalon and PVC material, it becomes a luggage and follow the paddlers everywhere in the world, in a plane or in the trunk of a car.

A Nautiraid craft is a bespoke order to a boatyard. You can order the deck color, the options you want so that your kayak or canoe meets your particular paddling needs.


nautiraid-kayak-baleine Nautiraid masque pour les images Nautiraid masque pour les images



kayak-grand-narak-550-1 Nautiraid masque pour les images Nautiraid masque pour les images

Handmade manufacturing in France.

The Nautiraid kayaks with wood frames are built, like in the beginning with ash. It is the only wood supple enough to cope with kayaking needs.

The cockpit coaming is also in glued ash, a technique inspired by the tennis racket of the 30s ! All the parts are immerged in varnish so that they can endure the salty atmosphere and the UV.

Each skin is stiched and glued by hand on each frame to ensure a perfect fit of the skin on the frame.

Fabrication Kayak Nautiraid Nautiraid masque pour les images Nautiraid masque pour les images

A complete rangefor every outings.

Now Nautiraid offers wide range of folding boats, so that you will find a kayak or canoe for your each of your paddling needs.

With the Narak Cross range, we offer aluminum framed kayaks with very quick assembly timees kayaks alu dont le montage est ultra rapide, with the word “crossover” in mind, for sea or river day use. The Narak range is for advanced level paddlers who seek performance and seaworthy kayaks with the wooden frame noblesse.

The Grand Raid, also with wood frame, stays in the range, it is the big capacity kayak of polar expeditions, and also one of the most stable kayaks of the world for secure day outings.

Finally, the Umiak canoes with aluminum frames complete the range. They are designed for rivers and inland waterways with stunning performance, just like hard shell canoes.

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